English language

Handouts of Basic Grammar

On the importance of the English language in our world today I think we all agree! Doubtlessly we are all conscious and totally convinced of how essential it is to know this language well!

What doesn’t always work well, though, is the way in which the language is taught: there are a thousand and one way availble on the internet, a lot of which are valid and catchy, but sometimes what lacks is a clear synthesis, especially for topics which could be rather difficult for Italian-speakers.

The tables you will find in this part of my website are those I offer my students in an attempt to make their life a little easier…! Clarity in the presentation of a topic is a must for every teacher and the method I used to help my students with my SLD students made me understand that the use of different colours or the creation of concise tables grouping which together topics which are interconnected but taught at different moments favour the learning process.

I really hope it will work for you too!